Svrakov & Milev Audit Firm

Svrakov & Milev is a limited liability company that was established and registered in May 2001 in Varna. Its founders and current partners are among the first certified public accountants that restored the auditing and advisory profession in Bulgaria since the beginning of 1991. They have gained considerable professional experience, working for more than 7 years in the Bulgarian offices of two of the largest international audit firms. The knowledge, skills and experience in the field of finance, accounting, auditing, restructuring and taxes in possession of our company, enables us to provide high-quality services based on the most accurate understanding and interpretation of the regulations and implementation of best European practice. Our company includes certified public accountants and registered auditors, tax advisors and lecturers who possess excellent knowledge of the International Accounting Standards adopted for use in the European Union, the National Accounting Standards adopted for use in Bulgaria, as well as the possibilities of their best application in the conditions of the national economy. Svrakov & Milev is able to provide its clients with extremely beneficial ratio between price and quality of services. The prices we offer for the various advisory services are in conformity with the Bulgarian market, yet we do not compromise with quality. We work with small and medium-sized enterprises as well as with listed companies and large economic groups. In recent years our company has gained considerable experience in servicing foreign investors in the Black Sea region and in the country by providing them with comprehensive advisory services. We do not only provide services to our clients but also advise them based on our good knowledge of the business conditions in the country.